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We are NOT a Facility...
We are a wonderful "HOME"!

Camellia Assisted Living has been open for seven (7) years now. We have earned a wonderful reputation for being "the most family oriented home I've seen". That is the most common thing heard from the many visitors, residents and their families.

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Searching for assisted living in California, Sacramento area?

Located in Fair Oaks, We're close to Carmichael, Folsom, Gold River, Citrus Heights, Orangevale, and Roseville. We serve the elderly housing community.

Large facilities exist, Emeritus, Sunrise Senior Living or Eskaton may serve more independent living seniors who prefer to live in an apartment type setting.

Skilled Nursing homes are on the far opposite end of the scale and now offers mostly Rehabilitation Services.

Most seniors want to go back home. We can get you in touch with a Home Care Provider if that's your need, but there are less expensive options for the services provided.

How to speak with your aging parent.

Of course most seniors want to stay at home. The most difficult conversation is the one you must have with your parents. They have lost their spouse, their right to drive, and now their home?!?

They may have had a fall, you're noticing the house isn't as clean as mom used to keep it, or she mentions all these medications are getting confusing. There are a lot of signs it may be time to move into a more safe situation.

Think about it from the other end of the scale, you would never allow your children to remain in an unsafe situation trusting they'll be okay.

If your having concerns your probably right to.

How do we meet the needs of your folks?

A better quality of life for them and you. You can't do it all yourself. You have a life too.

We are conveniently located near old town Fair Oaks

Nobody expects to be "institutionalized".

When you can reduce it to moving them from the house they expected to pass away in, to "someone else's home" it can be disheartening

After the initial shock, they realize that there's comfort and safety for them. Companionship and an easy predictable schedule.

I must say a lot of residents take it in stride and immediately enjoy their new surroundings. Good food, no more cleaning, and friends to talk with or play games.

Home Care is not a bad option for those who demand to stay at home. A caregiver arrives at their home with groceries. All needs are attended to; cooking meals, cleaning the home, dishes, laundry, medication management, and friendship.